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Holy Shit updated

2010-08-18 11:24:48 by MattCage

We've updated our first game, Holy Shit, to 1.1 version.
The update added a "Get Ready" screen that lets you to get prepared. Also, GUI text has been improved and fixed with the game's general text style.

To try Holy Shit 1.1 version, click here:

Enjoy this sh*t! :P

Our first flash game!

2010-08-17 20:49:49 by MattCage

We finally made it!
On NG's Flash Portal you can find our first ever flash gaming experiment, Holy Shit!
Check it out:

Please, leave many comments and feedback, we need your support for make more addicting games for you all!

Oh, PS: for all those people who can feel offended by Holy Shit's content, please take it easy and just enjoy it. If you really hate it, just close the browser's window. ;)

GitanoSoft's Matta and Marco.

Some Gitano news

2010-03-25 20:32:34 by MattCage

Oh yeah. I promised some news, some days ago, and here we go!
GitanoSoft has a website! Well... website... Ok, it's a weblog, but what's the difference nowadays? :P
So, if you all feel so brave, point your browsers to our GitanoBlog. An advice: right now is available only in Italian language. :P Give us some days to launch it as well, and an english version will come!

I know, you're just saying: "Yeah yeah, here we have just 2 new noobz on the way. Some works?".
Are coming, believe it! :P
I'm just waiting for the other "Gitaner" (what an idiot nickname for "associate") joining Newgrounds... When that day will come, GitanoSoft will officially "invade" Newgrounds. Happy now? ^_^'

Ok, i'll finish saying stupid things... See ya, Newgrounders! We hope you'll like GitanoGames!


2010-03-18 17:44:27 by MattCage

Oh yeah, GitanoSoft invades Newgrounds! More news on the way, so soon...